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Mon, 07/01/2013 - 23:11 -- Julian
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Bear is the most majestic, laid back cat. He came to us with another cat named Tom. Both had been pets of someone who passed, and without any takers ended up in a shelter. When Bear arrived, he needed dental extractions due a condition called stomatitis (where the gums react to the plaque on the teeth and begin to rot and recede) and because of this these boys were given a deadline before overcrowding would force the shelter to euthanize.

Lucky, our rescue network got both boys out and they were placed in foster care! Bear had two dental surgeries. The first removed two teeth, but it was not an aggressive enough plan to bring comfort, they all had to go. Bear visited a specialty dental veterinarian, who removed every single one of his teeth. Bear recovered so well in his foster home, and his personality began to shine.

He is a quiet guy, who is comfortable with alone time, but does love the company and attention of a person. He enjoys being pet and brushed, he purrs for his dinner, and lounges lazily in his favourite hidey space to watch the movements of the household.

The ideal home for Bear would continue to feed him wet only food (because he's a gentle and toothless giant), and provide lots of fun places to hide and explore. Bear thrives with one-on-one attention, so someone without other cats or dogs would be ideal- though he isn't really fussy with either- he just chooses to stay tucked out of the way. Bear has a very even temperament and hopefully, he is one of the cats who have an 80% successful recovery and a life ahead without active stomatitis, but regular vet visits will be necessary to confirm that he is always comfortable because it is a lifelong condition and something that can flare in times of stress.
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Animal ID:21-031
Breed:Domestic Longhair
Age:7 years 9 months
Spayed or Neutered?:Yes
Location:Foster Home