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Mon, 07/01/2013 - 23:11 -- Julian
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Dylan was rescued from a shelter's last chance list. After being brought in as a stray with a cracked tooth, ear mites, malnourishment and significant scarring of his eyes, his care was going to exceed their resources, so Dylan was transferred to us. Immediately, it became apparent that although his body was sick, Dylan was full of life and so curious to meet new people and explore the unfamiliar places.

His first vet visit brought about a more conclusive answer to his general malaise, Dylan was FIV positive. This meant that his body's own defence system was weak and likely couldn't fight off the ear infection caused by mites, the eye infection that resulted in the clouded scarring, or whatever else was causing his low weight, runny nose, and shabby coat. FIV is transmissible between cats, but is only contracted through deep bite wounds and luckily, so far, Dylan has been all purrs. It does mean that Dylan might need more than the usual, routine vet visits and will likely be no stranger to the odd sniffle, upset stomach, or eye issues; he will need a home who can keep a close eye on his condition, is comfortable with a few more vet visits, and has patience for him as he deals with whatever his immune system just can't quite handle.

Dylan is not fully blind, but he cannot see out of his right eye and has only partial vision in his left. Because this scarring condition is not causing him any pain, the veterinarian has recommended Dylan's eyes are always closely monitored and warns that a significant infection may necessitate the removal of the right one, but Dylan is not there at this time. In his current state, he has added a little weight and gotten a shinier coat, his cracked tooth was removed when he was neutered and vaccinated, and the ear mites have been totally treated. Now, Dylan spends his days exploring, purring in sunny spots waiting for pets, hunting unattended bread loaves, or looking for adventure in open garbage cans. His curiosity is matched by his kindness; when Dylan isn't busy getting up to trouble, he is snuggling up close for some good scratches.

Dylan is a younger man and he is ready to be in a home with a family full of life and adventure like him!
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Animal ID:22-009
Breed:Domestic Shorthair
Age:2 years 4 months
Spayed or Neutered?:Yes
Location:Foster Home