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Wed, 07/29/2020 - 12:22 -- Alison
  • Ducky when he was rescued
  • Ducky after treatment - a transformation!

Here’s lucky Ducky. He was found living stray last fall and was in very rough shape when he entered our care. On intake he was malnourished with a terribly rough coat and significant dental issues that made it difficult for him to eat anything but moist cat food.

A veterinary exam revealed that he was anemic and had kidney issues, which were caught just in time before becoming a chronic concern. He had raised tissue on the outside of his right cornea, which was thought to require enucleation (full removal of the eye), but thankfully did not. And Ducky had a full dental to address his dental issues.

Ducky is most certainly lucky, as the foster home that provided such wonderful care during his recovery is now his forever home. Happy life, Ducky.