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Mon, 07/01/2013 - 23:11 -- Julian
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Rex came into our care in June 2020, saved from euthanasia at a non-local shelter. At this shelter, Rex suffered seizures, which are now well controlled with medication. Rex also suffered from irritable bowel syndrome (a very messy condition), which requires prescription food and medication in order to be completely managed. The treatment and maintenance of these two chronic conditions meant Rex was unlikely to thrive in a shelter environment, but the rescue network saw that this could be a happy dog and connected him with Kingston Animal Rescue.

In the late summer/fall of 2020, Rex began to face a much more serious challenge as he started to struggle with his hind legs. At times, he could not move them properly, they would seize up, and he would drag his back feet until they were bloody or be almost immobile. The amazing animal loving community came together to help get Rex more care, so he went for a specialist visit to Ottawa.

Rex underwent an MRI, which revealed a "markedly compressive, right-sided, L1-L2 intervertebral disc herniation". This meant the padding between two of his lower, spinal vertebrae was misplaced and being pinched. In early March, Rex had surgery to correct the compression. Following a successful surgery, he underwent rehabilitation to regain his strength and mobility; he was so lucky to find himself in a home dedicated to getting him back on his feet.

Rex stabilized, his fosters went above and beyond to see him through each and every issue, which included a thyroid condition and aggressive arthritis. His medical regime requires attentiveness, and symptoms of different conditions will emerge from time to time, but his seizures, irritable bowel disease, pain, and thyroid condition have all found points of relative resolution. Rex medically had stabilized, so his move out to the country in the spring of 2022 was a chance for his personality to blossom.

Rex has become more patient, engaging and has grown into a great companion in his long-term foster home. He plays with other dogs, diligently watches their chickens, and herds their daughter. Rex is almost never without a ball in his mouth and keeps up with the pack as they rush down to a nearby pond, the almost daily swim has been helpful for regaining mobility. Rex lives a wonderful, shepherd like life. Though we continue to treat new obstacles (like a cyst rupture that impacted his mobility and caused him a pain we hadn't seen since his first days from over two years ago!), Rex is a happy dog.
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Animal ID:20-014
Breed:German Shepherd
Age:8 years 6 months
Spayed or Neutered?:Yes
Location:Foster Home