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To end the suffering of animals with rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, and education.

Foster homes are incredibly important.

Providing a safe and loving haven for our animals until they find forever homes, foster homes are the heart and soul of our rescue. By volunteering to shelter an animal in need, you prepare the animal for adoption into a home of their very own.

Fostering an animal means that you provide shelter, food, water, and love in your home for an animal waiting for adoption. Depending on the animal and your ability, you may also be required to administer medication or work to develop the animal’s social skills. Fostering an animal can be short term or long term; it really depends on the animal and how long he/she is in our care before being adopted.  For the most part, fostering for us is a long-term commitment of at least several months, and often more.

Apply to Foster

We choose to foster for KAR because we appreciate the founders' principles of animal care and respect for all animals. Their no-kill policy and dedication to last-chance animals is unique in our region and their knowledge of smaller animals is outstanding. From our first contact with KAR, they have been supportive and encouraging: educating us about bunny care and asking for our insights into kitty personalities. When we have had concerns, answers have always been only a quick email or phone call away. - Andrea & Scott, foster home volunteers 


  • All start up supplies including housing, bowls, litter box, start-up supply of food, bedding, and litter, as appropriate to the animal
  • Hay - for rabbits, guinea pigs, and degus we provide unlimited hay for the duration of fostering
  • All veterinary care
  • Plenty of support and advice


  • Love
  • Time
  • An appropriate space in their home
  • Food, water, litter - occasionally we get donations of food and litter, which we pass on to our foster homes
  • A willingness to follow rescue policy and guidelines

If you can commit the time and resources needed for fostering, please complete the foster application