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Tue, 07/05/2022 - 10:37 -- natasha

Blue's rescuer caught him wandering Bell Park, but seeing a domestic, young bunny in the wild was not the strangest part of this situation: all four of his white and black, speckled feet were a deep and inky blue.

Without any success in locating an owner, the rabbit, who naturally became known within the rescue as Blue, was thought to have been abandoned. After a visit to the veterinarian for a neuter and an exam, we luckily learned, that the skin beneath the dye was undamaged.

He is confident, curious, social, and energetic! Blue has gotten along well with the other animals in his foster home, specifically the cats, but has no fear of a gentle dog. Blue would be a good addition to an active household, with the time and space to engage and play! He loves roaming free and will try his hardest to escape penned confinement to be with his people, friends, or adventuring. The ideal home for Blue is looking for a bunny that will roam free, play lots, and seek out snuggles!

Blue is happy, health checked, neutered, and still rocking indigo socks.


3 MONTH UPDATE: grooming and zoomies on the carpet have signficantly reduced the blue dye, though some is still visible in areas he cannot reach! Though Blue may soon look like your average rabbit...his wonderfully engaging companionship will never stop being curiously bold, just like those four blue feet.